LOVE isn’t always “me first”

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LOVE isn’t always “me first”

Attributes of LOVE

We’ve been conditioned…

My rights…

My property…

Don’t tread on me…

and yet, as children, most of us were taught to share.

Many men will still hold the door open for women.

I’m not a fan of standing in long lines and admittedly, I’ve left grocery stores when the lines were long and there weren’t enough registers open. I thought adding self-checkouts would help but even now, the number of open checkouts is tried directly to the number of employees available to monitor them.

Self-checkout may have reduced costs and labor requirements but we’re not there yet.

So, are the monitors there for loss prevention or customer service when customers encounter a question? Probably both…

Ah well. I digress

Pre-covid I’ve admired Southwest Airlines lower cost approach to air travel.  I say pre-covid because I’ve not flown since covid began.

The idea of first come – first serve seating was appealing to me and even in this altruistic model, a means of being first was developed to appeal to those who didn’t want to wait those extra few minutes.

You could check in with your app so you get a better place in line and if that’s not good enough – you could pay a premium for earlier boarding. It was a smart move on their part, and obviously adding a few dollars to the price helps the bottom line.

Even amusements parks are in on the act from what I understand, selling priority place in lines for attractions that are popular. It seems to work though. Time is one of those commodities we just never seem to have enough of.

What about Love isn’t always “me first”?

Depending on your rearing and personality type putting other people first can seem easy. Sometimes “me first” is a matter of survival.

How does self-care figure into the equation? For those empaths among us it’s easy to get lost in caring for others and lose sight of ourselves.

It’s also easy for others who have been fighting for survival to keep themselves first.

LOVE is the great leveler. It levels the field for us all.

How we interpret another person’s actions is difficult if we don’t know the person or know what their experience is. It’s far too easy judge and be critical. We all do it though…

It’s hard to be critical of someone we know deeply. When we’ve walked with people and see them at their best, and yes, even at their worst, it’s easier to keep circumstances in perspective.

I used to be one of those people who tried to show up for everything… I was busy and it was good because I knew tons of people and could hold my own in conversation on many topics. What I found was, I was hiding.

It was a case of my thinking “people wouldn’t like me if they knew…”. I could keep the attention off me if I kept my focus on you. Coming to grips with who I am and what I really wanted was one of the more difficult journeys I’ve been on.

No more hiding.

Where are you in your journey to self-acceptance?

Are you loving yourself today?

Wanna connect?  Let’s chat.

Thinking about y’all today…

You are valued…

You are loved…

You are ohh so precious…

And remember

Life’s too short  |  Be kind  |  Do good

Talk soon…

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