Love cares more for others than for self

Love cares more for others than for self
                                      Attributes of LOVE – Love cares more for others than for self

How can I care more for others and take care of myself in the process?

This is a tough one…

Especially for someone like me who has had a propensity for service, caring for myself has been difficult and there have been times I went off the rail…

Living out these attributes of LOVE is not for the faint of heart. 

One strategy I’ve found helpful is a regular look at life balance.

Ellen DeGeneres once said “My point is, life is about balance. The good and the bad.  The highs and the lows.  The pinã and the colada.”

When things are going really well in one aspect of my life, it’s at the cost of another aspect.  Especially now with life seemingly moving faster and faster every day.

So I have to ask…

How are we doing?

How are our social and family relationships?

How about career and education?

How’s your relationship with money and how is that impacting your personal finances?

What about health, recreation, and leisure?

Routine responsibilities?

What are we giving back to society?  What contributions are we making?

How are we doing emotionally and mentally?  Lord knows these past 2 years between COVID and the continual attacks on the LGBTQ+ Community have been challenging at best…

Every good thing in our lives costs us something right?  Simon Sinek said – “There is no decision that we can make that doesn’t come with some sort of balance or sacrifice.”

The question is, do we count the cost?  Do we have the executive function and critical thinking skills to recognize what we’re getting into and accepting the reality of our choices?

I have a life balance workbook I’m happy to share with you if you want.  I didn’t write it but it’s a very useful tool if you want to identify where you might be out of balance and then take steps become more aligned.

As with most things in our lives, it’s a choice.

We can plod along in our present discomfort, or we can seek to improve our circumstances in a meaningful way.  Neither necessarily feel good in the process.   My hope for you is that you’ll decide to explore what can be instead of settling for where you’re at.

Let’s chat…

Thinking about y’all today…

You are valued…

You are loved…

You are oh soo precious…

I’m here to walk this path with you

Let’s talk soon…

And remember

Life’s too short  |  Be kind  |  Do good 

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