LOVE doesn’t revel when others grovel

LOVE doesn’t revel when others grovel

Attributes of LOVE

I gave good advice and it felt like no one was listening, especially the one it was intended for most.

And then the bottom fell out.  The thing I warned about happened and now that person is back, begging for forgiveness, broken, humbled because there’s no other way out for them.  They don’t know where else to turn.

How do I respond?

A part of me wants to say “I told you so” as if that’s going to add value to the situation by bolstering my sense of wisdom, when in fact, it only piles more shame and pain on the person.

It’s like thy fell into a hole after I’ve warned them time and again to stay away!  The signs were posted, the warnings issued and yet instead of heeding my good advice they danced and played around the edges until…

BAMM! It happened! 

They slipped into the hole and now they need help, and they came to me, looking for help, even absolution…

The range of emotions is wide and none of them good.



Feelings of unworthiness


Even entitlement can creep in


The list goes on for many…

And me?

I can feel self-righteous


Smug comes to mind too (I told you so)

Do y’all remember the story of the prodigal son?

I love this story because it reflects the essence of LOVE.

A kid, who knows better for themself than the generous parent decides it’s time to make their mark and wants their inheritance now.   The parent, knowing that’s not what’s best gives it freely and off goes the son to find his way in the world.

It’s after all the money is gone and they find they really had it made at home they go back because, “even my father’s servants have it better than I do. “

If you know the story you know the father welcomed the son back with open arms, no groveling required.

That’s LOVE!

It’s natural to feel superior in these circumstances.  Not necessarily helpful yet, quite natural.

How will you respond?

How do you respond?

Wanna connect?  Let’s chat.

Thinking about y’all today…

You are valued…

You are loved…

You are ohh so precious…

And remember

Life’s too short  |  Be kind  |  Do good

Talk soon…

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