LOVE trusts God always

LOVE trusts God always

My belief informs who I am at the very core – another imperfect human, doing the best I can to honor God, myself, and everyone I encounter.  

Yes – I believe in God. 

And I believe in Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some believers do not think being part of the LGBTQ+ community or identifying as trans or gay, queer or nonbinary is honoring to God or the faith.  I respectfully disagree. 

As I read the word and process God’s LOVE for creation, I have come to very different conclusions.  If you don’t believe what I do that’s perfectly fine.  It’s not a problem.

History is repeating itself in as much as commonly held beliefs are being turned upside down, especially as they relate to LGBTQ+ people and the church.  

Relationships matter…

Community matters…

I was listening to Susan Cottrell’s FreedHearts Podcast recently – When Your Child Condemns You For Being Gay.  It’s an account of how one woman received a letter from her son addressing her being gay. 

Susan’s response resonated with me in a big way.  You may not be a podcast listener, but this is a great way to spend 20 or 30 minutes of your time…  When I’m working in the yard or driving, I enjoy listening to podcasts and this is one of them.

Susan pointed out how the very verses this woman’s son used to condemn his mother were in fact another example of how perspective matters.  Same words with a very different result.

In her book, Mom, I’m Gay, Susan provides wonderful, supporting dialogue for parents who are struggling with their kids coming out.  One of the things Susan talks about is setting aside what you’ve been told by the church and what it believes and take it to God yourself.

If you are a believer or someone who subscribes to the idea of a “higher power” it’s a worthwhile read and points to today’s attribute.  LOVE trusts God always.  

I feel like we sometimes get so wrapped up in the story we’ve been told over the years we quit asking questions.  This can be true for believers and non-believers alike.

If you’re not a believer no problem.  Trust points to safety and community and is a valuable attribute for us all to live out.

Experience tells me there are a lot of people who believe in God and have become disenfranchised with the church for a whole host of reasons.  I get it.

 The way we treat the people we’re supposed to care about most can be hurtful and we can all admit to being “that person” at times. 

Relationships matter…

Community matters…

Taking a beat and thinking about why I feel the way I do about another person, an action they’ve taken or a particular circumstance goes a long way to tempering my response.

Am I feeling this way out of habit? 

Am I responding this way because I’ve been conditioned to respond this way?

Am I responding a certain way because that’s what’s expected?

Do I feel threatened and if so, why?

Can I have honest questions and feel safe in asking them, without worrying about how I’ll be perceived or treated?

Whenever you find yourself in a learning environment you may have heard –“Are there any questions?”  If you have questions, ask them.  Chances are good others have the same question.

Asking questions expands the conversation and I’ve found questions often lead to greater clarity for everyone.  I encourage you to ask away and then process what you’ve learned.

Change doesn’t come easy for most of us.  It’s one of the reasons why I’m a Life Coach. You can have more, you can dream more, you can learn more, and you can become more than you ever thought possible…

It’s up to you.

Wanna connect?  Let’s chat.

Thinking about y’all today…

You are valued…

You are loved…

You are ohh so precious…

And remember

Life’s too short  |  Be kind  |  Do good

Talk soon…

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